High Cost of Living in Nairobi
September 2023


Nairobi — State House spokesperson on Tuesday said that it’s not only Kenya that is experiencing high cost of living, saying its being experienced worldwide.

Dena said the high cost had been occasioned by various factors among them the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war.

“The rising cost of living is not exclusive to Kenya; it is a global phenomenon fueled by numerous external factors, among them the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war which has led to a rise in the global price of petroleum, which is a key factor of production,” she stated.

On Monday, Kenya reviewed its fuel prices up by Sh5 in what is likely to further push up the country’s cost of living.

Under the new prices, Super Petrol and Diesel will retail at Sh134.72 and Sh115.60 per litre respectively. Kerosene will remain unchanged at Sh103.54.

It is the first increase since November 2021, in what sources said is linked to the crisis between Ukraine and Russia.

Last month Kenyans took to social media to protest the rising cost of food and groceries.

Under the hashtag, Lower Food Prices, the netizens decried the increase in prices of basic food commodities such as sifted maize flour, bread, vegetables and fruits.

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